Threefold is a foodstore, eatery and corporate catering business based in Melbourne’s CBD. Our food is all about beautiful, delicious and thoughtful fare, made from the best seasonal ingredients we can get our hands on. Our corporate catering menus are inspired by the best quality and freshest produce available, creatively styled and merchandised in a mouth-watering display of colour and abundance. British head chef, Stephen Black, is formerly of Pearl Restaurant and several Michelin recognised restaurants in the UK. He and his team have designed the catering menus for corporate clients who love good food and are seeking quality and variety. Restaurant-quality dishes are prepared in our kitchen & delivered within an hour of eating to ensure freshness and peak deliciousness.

Things to know

We are proud to work with some of the best producers, bakers, brewers, farmers, butchers, wine-makers & growers in the state. Threefold food also looks as good as it tastes. A strong focus on design and aesthetics is in our blood, and we go to great lengths to ensure every plate is creatively and stylishly presented, using our own platters, boxes, trays, pots, bowls and vases that we collect from you the next day. We’re fond of the planet we live on and are careful to choose the greenest options – from local produce, biodegradable packaging to organic and fairtrade coffee and green energy. Special dietary requirements are never a problem. We are also happy to tweak and customise menus to suit your requirements or special event or occasion. Just ask us. Our catering menus change each season according to the availability of fresh produce. Here is our Summer catering menu…

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