3 fold

The Venue:
Address: 381 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000
Capacity: 30 seated / 60 standing
Size: 81 square metres. Threefold is a long, narrow space with east facing windows along Tavistock Lane.
It is 20 metres long 4 metres wide.
Events: It is an intimate space that is perfect for stand up cocktail parties, product launches,
bespoke corporate events & celebrations.
Catering: Threefold’s food is about beautiful, delicious and thoughtful fare, made from the best, seasonal
ingredients we can get our hands on. British head chef, Stephen Black, is formerly of Pearl
Restaurant and several Michelin recognised restaurants in the UK. His fine dining background is
evident in the elegant but accessible food that he creates.
Available: Venue is available for private hire Monday to Friday evenings from 5:30pm til late and
all day Saturdays and Sundays
Awards: Nominated in 2012 Australian Interior Design Awards in 2 categories.
History: Threefold occupies a corner of Tavistock House, which stands as one of Victoria’s earliest
surviving hotel structures and is among a small group of pre-gold rush buildings in Melbourne.
It was built in 1850 and was originally known as the Ship Inn. The laneway, Tavistock Place
was also the site of the first modern art gallery in Melbourne – run by John and Sunday Reid.
Price: POA
Contact: 9614 8194 /

Our Menu

Young coconut uber-muesli with cacao, chia seeds, buckwheat kernels,
local fresh cherries & tasmanian leatherwood honey – 12.5
bircher muesli with fresh plums – 9
seasonal fruit compote with crunchy granola & organic vanilla yoghurt – 9
Toast & home-made preserves – sourdough, rye or wholegrain – 6
house-baked gluten-free – 7 / house-baked fruit & nut – 6.5
heirloom tomatoes, feta, basil & rocket on rye – 13.5 / with poached egg
– 16.5
Breakfast toasties
– smoked mozzarella & tomato – 10.50 / with ham – 12.5
– farm-house slab bacon with house-made HP Sauce – 12.5
boiled eggs with house-made parmesan bread soldiers – 10
Omelette of the day – 15.5
Threefold breakfast with farmhouse slab bacon, soft poached eggs, spinach,
mushrooms, sauted potato & tomato chutney – 17.5
two eggs poached or scrambled – 10
sides: farm-house slab bacon – 4.5, Avocado / spinach – 3
Espresso Syndicate Coffee Black / white – 3.3 / 3.6
Larsen & Thompson tea – 3.8
– English Breakfast, earl grey, Oolong, Sencha green, Lemongrass &
Ginger, Peppermint, keemun mao feng
valrhona manjari hot chocolate – 4.7
House blend chai latte – 4.2
Fresh orange / grapefruit juice – 6.5
Hepburn sparkling mineral water – 275ml / 500ml – 3.5 / 5.5
organic apple/pomegranate, apple/guava, apple/pear – 4.5
sparkling apple juice, sparkling blood orange – 4.5
Stefano Lubiana sparkling wine, Tas – 10

Where To Buy Dog Beds For Sale To Save Money

Where To Buy Dog Beds For Sale To Save Money

If you are getting a new dog, you should prepare your home and buy supplies ahead of time. Puppy proof your home by making sure nothing is on the floor that you want destroyed by your puppy’s chewing habit. This includes shoes, toys, books, wiring and other objects. Your new puppy may also swallow harmful objects that he finds on the floor. You will also need to figure out where your new puppy will sleep. Dog beds for sale are found online or at your local pet store.

Determine what type of dog food you will feed your dog. You will also need food and water bowls, toys, grooming tools and a toothbrush. Your local pet supply store often have special promotions with supplies and dog beds for sale at reduced prices. Dog beds for sale can also be found at thrift stores. Just be sure to wash the dog bed before you allow your puppy to sleep on it. Dog beds for sale at come in a variety of styles to match any décor. 

Look for unusual dog beds for sale at online specialty shops. Determine how much money you have to spend for puppy supplies and stick to your budget. Dog beds for sale can be extremely expensive. It is important to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. Purchase special dog toothpaste at the pet supply store. Buy a crate large enough for your dog to be able to stand up and turn around, but not so large that he can sleep away from a mess he created.

Alarm Systems Melbourne Business owners can Use

Alarm Systems Melbourne Business owners can Use

A professional security system offers many advantages to business owners. Alarm systems Melbourne professionals offer can keep a company safe and secure. For a low monthly cost and convenient installation, a security system protects the value of a building and its equipment, employees, clients, and other valuables. A business of any size can feel safer with a security system in place. 

Property safety.

Alarm systems Melbourne at professionals offer come in a variety of options and styles. One of the most important safety considerations is the outside of the business office. Walkways and parking areas are common places for thieves to wait for their chance to break in after dark or when the building is vacant. A well-lit outdoor area that is fitted with motion detector alarms will keep possible criminals away, along with vagrants or wildlife. 

Entry points.

An office’s windows and doors will be more secure against thieves when locks and alarms are installed. Alarm systems Melbourne professionals offer can be put in place in a short period of time. Once installed, they can be checked remotely by the monitoring agency if they do not seem to be working properly. Alarms can be connected to the local police station directly or routed to the monitoring agency who will then alert the proper authorities. Before the criminal can even enter the business, help will be on the way if the alarm does not automatically scare him away.

Indoor protection.

Work areas, equipment stations, and confidential records can be protected with alarms that will sound if they are accessed by unauthorized individuals. The alarm may be audible or silent and be linked to the person in charge of that area or to an external security force. Alarm systems Melbourne companies use offer an array of options to install alarms on a company’s office area, employees, and clients, along with other office valuables such as furnishings or decorative items. 

Contact alarm systems Melbourne area for more information about your office’s security needs.

The Relevance of Promotional Bags to Businesses

The Relevance of Promotional Bags to Businesses

One of the most daunting tasks is to try penetrating a market that is getting new entrants every now and then. Even established firms find it challenging to bear with the competitions that such a set up avails. Therefore, if the business fails to embrace special tactics for the sake of claiming their market share, they may incur huge losses within no time. This is why advertising is becoming a lucrative venture to others. Most people spend more than enough so as to get their businesses promoted. However, these costs can be reduced if a business can embrace promotional bags. There are several benefits that come with using this method as outlined below.

Everyone would like to create a lasting effect on their promotions. This is exactly what one gets from promotional bags. It is estimated that 70% of people are able to keep these bags for as much as four years. All this time, the printings that were placed on the bag will still be intact. If it is a product name or logo, people will still be able to view it. This means the promotion that is supposed to be done using that single bag will continue for more than three years. Back to normal Television and print media advertising, a company cannot manage to pay for four years’ advertising because of the high expenses involved. Promotional bags are more convenient and do not require much technical assistance and follow ups. 

Playing with the senses of potential customers is a strategy that works most of the time. With promotional bags with, one is able to accomplish this easily. People like things they can see, touch or smell. If the promotional bags offered are of a high quality, potential customers will be tricked to imagine that the company’s products are of the best quality. This helps to earn some loyalty, something that leads to more sales.

Promotional bags help to add to a targeted marketing campaign. They can be customized to fit with the needs of the target audience. If a firm is marketing products that the youth need, they will customize the bags in a manner that appeals to this group of the society. This will in turn lead more to get these bags and eventually the products that are sold by the company. Marketing using promotional items offers an easy avenue to capture the marketbrand me promo tote bags

The Relevance of Online Memorials

The Relevance of Online Memorials

After the death of loved ones, people often compose obituaries, which are publicized in the newspapers. This is the traditional method that has been used to pay tribute to the deceased. However, this method does not allow for such information to be preserved for long. But with the advent of technology, memories of loved ones who pass on can be preserved in a better manner. 

Online memorials have proved invaluable to many as far as keeping these memories alive is concerned. This can be done by utilizing the online space. One can do this by creating a simple one page website where information about the deceased can be placed. Online memorials also allow sharing of photos as well as videos that seek to pay tribute to the deceased. So, it is one of the most effective ways through which people can remember their loved ones who have passed on. 

For those new to the use of online memorials at, it is easy to question the relevance of creating one. There are several advantages that come with having an online memorial. First, this is a good way to keep information about the deceased. The internet has a long memory, meaning anything posted on it can be retrieved even many years later. 

skymorials online memorial

The second reason people need to create online memorials for their loved ones when they die is to facilitate easy donations. This is the cheapest and easiest method because there will be no need to keep calling for people to meet to donate. Donations can be made regardless of where someone is located. Online payments are also secure and the money is deposited directly to the account reserved for that purpose. 

Online memorials also create a lasting legacy for the deceased. This can be done by simply creating a book or a collection of photos and videos that showcase the contributions of the deceased. This information can then be shared with many people and generations to come will get to learn about the deceased. 

Accessibility is also another factor that authenticates the need for online memorials. People can access the page that is created to pay tribute to the deceased regardless of their location. All that is needed is internet connectivity. This is a cheap method that does not demand much expertise to set up.